House Call

A blog on homes by company founder Alec Williams

Homeowners’ vision executed with precision

When homeowner Leigh Peters first saw what would soon become their home, they knew they had a rescue mission on her hands. “I could see that this house was brimming with character and I suspected it would be torn down to make way for something new,” said Peters. “To me, that was abhorrent. The house had so much potential and I couldn’t pass it up.”

Recent AWC build sets real estate record

A recently built bungalow beauty on a quiet street in North Glenmore Park is a testament to Alec Williams’ personal vision. Alec jumped at the opportunity to purchase the North Glenmore lot as he felt it was perfectly sized for a luxury bungalow. An ode to prairie modernism, this stunning home with 12-foot ceilings was just what Calgary buyers were looking for, selling within days of listing and well over the list price. 

What you need to know before renovating your home

I find that December is a month where everyone starts dreaming of changes they’d like to make to their home during the cold, dark Alberta winter, and those dreams aren’t necessarily reality based.

Every home renovation is tough, relationship testing and filled with unique surprises, so I always warn clients to expect the unexpected especially when investing in an older home.

Get Your Home Winter Ready

Winter’s here, and while Mother Nature has been easy on us so far, we know it’s not long before we settle in for a long and cold winter’s nap. Alberta’s potential extremes mean our houses have to be ready for those cold temperatures and big snow falls.