What you need to know before renovating your home

I find that December is a month where everyone starts dreaming of changes they’d like to make to their home during the cold, dark Alberta winter, and those dreams aren’t necessarily reality based.

Every home renovation is tough, relationship testing and filled with unique surprises, so I always warn clients to expect the unexpected especially when investing in an older home.

To help keep those dreams alive, I’ve prepared a list of how to prepare for those unexpected surprises while planning your perfect home renovation.

  1. Hire one person to manage your home renovation.
    It’s easy to spend a lot of money on architects, interior designers, trades and sub trades without those dollars advancing your project in a cohesive direction. Ensure you have one main person who is fully accountable for your home renovation.
  2. Build in a contingency plan in case extra funds are required.
    It’s hard to anticipate every issue that could arise or to estimate precisely for every tile, faucet, or toilet. No matter your budget, be sure to have reserve funds in case you either need to fix a safety issue or want to spend a little extra on tile work, appliances or even some little luxuries (see point 5 below).
  3. You won’t always meet your deadline.
     Timetables are hindered by indecisiveness, products not being in stock, the weather, and those unanticipated surprises that come along. It’s important to track what’s happening and update the timeline regularly so you are always up to speed and not disappointed or caught off guard by delays.
  4. Ensure everything is in writing.
    A quality contractor will be documenting everything as well and relaying that information consistently after meetings and discussions. Make sure to review and provide feedback, clarify and sign off on the communication. It may be necessary for you to document all discussions with your contractor, suppliers, or tradesmen with an email outlining decisions made. This keeps the project tracked and ensures you have a record of exactly what you’ve asked for.
  5. Don’t forget some little luxuries that will make you smile everyday.
    Whether it’s a built in coffee machine for the perfect morning latte, a steam shower for those cold winter nights, or a grand wood-burning fireplace to gather family around for the holidays, think of adding a simple extravagance that you will enjoy for years to come. Too often, renovations are based on function and clients are sorry they missed an opportunity to do something a bit special along the way.

At Alec Williams Construction, we’re in the business of making sure your renovations go smoothly and exceed your expectations. If you’re at a loss as to where to start or want more guidance getting ready, we’re here to help.

To start, you can book a complimentary home health checkup with me to discuss the health of your existing home and your renovation requirements. For more details, feel free to phone me directly at 403.390.7708.