Homeowners’ vision executed with precision

When homeowner Leigh Peters first saw what would soon become their home, they knew they had a rescue mission on her hands. “I could see that this house was brimming with character and I suspected it would be torn down to make way for something new,” said Peters. “To me, that was abhorrent. The house had so much potential and I couldn’t pass it up.”

Soon after, they purchased the cottage-style Mount Royal area home and embarked on a year-long full-scale renovation. With its last renovation more than 40 years ago, the two-story house had to be taken down to the studs to meet today’s standards. Peters made it a personal mission to keep the 1940s-era house as historically accurate as possible without changing the footprint.

The first step was to find a professional builder who would share the vision in bringing the house back to life. “Alec Williams was a natural fit for this project,” said Peters. “He had the skills and experience needed for the old house and was able to conceptualize the end result. Once we started, I never looked back. Alec made the whole process easy.”

“Alec and his team were with me every step of the way. The trades were very careful and treated my house like it was their own home. Alec is filled with integrity and will not let you down.”

– Leigh P.

Some structural elements of a home can offer a peek into its past. In Peters’ case, there was a desire to reuse and recycle as much as possible. “The fireplace was made of beautiful, historically significant brick from the old Brickburn factory in Edworthy Park. Unfortunately, the fireplace cut the kitchen off from the living room, so it was painstakingly dismantled brick by brick, and the bricks were reused to make the outdoor fence pillars.

An avid cook and host, Peters wanted a chef-friendly kitchen that would make entertaining easy. “I completely changed the layout of the kitchen, opened it up and added a dining space,” said Peters. And the pièce de résistance is a wall entirely made of glass that can fold open accordion-style to create a seamless flow between the living room and backyard.

The heated outdoor staircase is another practical element of the renovation. “I know this was complicated to install, but Alec’s trades were totally up for the task,” she said of the innovative install that makes winter steps much safer.

Peters is effusive about recommending Alec to anyone considering a renovation or build.

“There are a lot of houses in Calgary built to withstand the test of time that I believe shouldn’t be torn down for something new. I have a number of friends who have bought modern infills that were poorly constructed and now are having major issues with their builders.”

One of the reasons that Peters decided to go with Alec is the fact that he has his name right on his company. “That gave me a lot of confidence,” says Peters. “He’s not hiding as a fly-by-night numbered company who might disappear if there are problems. He’s incredibly trustworthy and will not let you down.”

“If you’re investing a lot in your home, you want to make sure that it’s being done right,” says Peters. “I think everybody should use Alec.”