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Alec Williams Construction is committed to the safety of our homeowners and our team during these uncertain times. We’re here to help you build and renovate beautiful homes while keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Since COVID-19 interrupted our lives in March, most of our projects were focused on outdoor areas as Calgarians “staycationed” during the summer of 2020. We’re now transitioning to indoor work while adhering to all provincial and federal public health guidelines. Safety precautions – including social distancing, wearing masks and a pre-screening for coronavirus symptoms – are part of our new normal.

We’re doing all that so we can help you maximize your space. We know the pandemic has people rethinking how they use their homes and we are here to help – whether that means adding a home office, renovating living areas or building you the perfect new home.

Read more about how we are helping people prepare and live better through COVID.

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Unparalleled Peace of Mind

20 March 2016

Home building projects are often far more stressful than they need to be.

Our goal is to take the stress out of the process, and allow you to focus on the rewarding and exciting parts of the journey.

Unparalleled Peace of MindIt’s taken years of fine-tuning the building or renovation process, and through it all I’ve learned that a rigorous commitment to planning and preparation are the key to every project’s success.

The process begins with wide-open communication channels. When we meet with clients, we know the right questions to ask. We’ll help you articulate your dreams for your home and through careful listening and attention to detail we’ll turn those dreams into a real-life workable plan with a realistic budget.

Through it all, we continue to keep that unnecessary stress away with ongoing direct communication and an unwavering commitment to our disciplined processes. At the end of the day, our homes and our client relationships are built to last.

Our Process:

  1. No-obligation, on-site visit to explore project aims and budget.
    • Generate the your wish list
    • Provide expert counsel
    • Explore options
    • Offer recommendations
  2. Draft initial construction estimates.
  3. Fine tune drawings and specifications.
  4. Produce detailed estimate and fine tune to align with your budget.
  5. Start date established.
    • Contract signed
    • Deposit paid
  6. Work commences. All employees and trades are scheduled.
  7. All project changes are executed through change orders for your protection.
  8. Regular progress updates throughout project.
  9. Project completion:
    • Client sign-off
    • Final payment
    • Exceptional two-year warranty program takes effect.
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