Hoping to renovate before the holidays? Here’s what you need to know.

istock_47337598_medium-2I buzzed through Costco last weekend picking up supplies for a fall BBQ and just about fell over when I slammed into a big Christmas display next to the down jackets.

I must have scoffed too loudly as a woman next to me wagged her finger under my nose and said, ‘It’s never too early to plan’.

I chuckled under my breath and recalled saying those same words to my clients over the years. Yes, it’s never too early to plan – especially for the holiday season.

The exchange got me thinking about all of the calls we get at Alec Williams Construction in November as plans for reunions, turkey feasts and ringing in the New Year come together. It always makes me sad to tell the callers we’re booking well into the new year by the time they call.

The holidays are stressful enough, and I can tell you from years of experience that holiday renovations are fraught with anxiety and last minute issues. Everyone is clamouring for priority attention at the same time – from cabinetmakers to plumbers to tilers – but there’s only so many to go around.

If you do want to get started before the season, here’s a handy checklist to help you prioritize and make the renovation go as smoothly as possible:

  • Assess conditions. Everything can’t and won’t get done at once. Are there structural repairs needed? Is there a room to focus on? Some quick wins that would make you feel better when entertaining during the holidays?
  • Evaluate your energy. Renovations are exhausting. The Christmas season is draining. You don’t want to head into holiday celebrations with nothing left to give! It’s important to make it a conscious decision of what you can and want to accomplish given limited time and energy.
  • Look at your budget. Know what you can afford before you even talk to a contractor. This way you won’t get talked into something out of your price range. Decision-making will also be much easier.
  • Make a master plan. List your priorities and make a long-term plan based on those priorities. Do you want to go room by room or will it make more sense to tackle a whole floor of your home at one time? This honest assessment will determine if embarking on the project prior to the holidays is advisable.

Need help sorting all of this out? Call us and we’ll provide assistance assessing you’re your priorities and creating a plan. Who knows, maybe we can accomplish your wish list in time for you to ring the New Year in – in style.

Or maybe it will make sense to create your perfect renovation master plan this fall, enjoy a stress free holiday season, and then tackle that transformation come January?