The rise of the humble bungalow

1 February 2019

I’m often asked by realtors and clients to evaluate the potential of a prospective real estate purchase, and I’m noticing more and more often clients are looking for the bungalow lifestyle.

While the “cute little bungalow” hasn’t always been sought after in modern-day Calgary, the popularity of the post-war single-level home is on the rise – whether buyers are seeking to renovate the older homes or build updated versions.

I believe it’s the versatility offered that’s driving the uptick in interest.

As always, traditional first-time buyers may seek out a bungalow as starter homes and downsizing baby boomers in YYC prefer them to condo-living.

But interest is also picking up because buyers know that the bungalow often comes with a bigger lot and can be renovated easily within the existing footprint or added to. And for those looking to build new within Calgary’s most desirable neighbourhoods, lots with an existing bungalow are the best bet. These lots tend to be bigger than average, making it easier to plan and build a new home.

A big bungalow fan myself, here are my top reasons for buying or building one of these great homes.

  1. Open Concept Living
    Bungalow-style homes often already feature an open-concept main floor. If not, an older home can usually be opened up easily. This brings additional natural light into the home and fits perfectly with our new more relaxed lifestyles.
  2. Smart Investment
    Calgary’s current bungalow supply tends to be in central inner-city neighbourhoods, making them some of the more desirable homes on the market. The limited supply along with their uptick in popularity means that bungalows are a solid real estate investment. Also, a well-built and insulated bungalow should be less expensive to heat during Calgary winters and cool in the summers, and the exterior and interior maintenance is easier.
  3. Flexibility
    Most bungalow-style homes offer flexibility for additions and layout. You can increase space on one level, build a bigger garage, and you also have the option of building up a level if you choose. As well, the larger main floor footprint means you have more options for how to configure your space.
  4. Family Friendly at Any Age
    Bungalows allow for families to grow and move through life’s phases. Having bedrooms located on the main floor allows for young children to be close at hand and once they become teens the kids can move to the space downstairs, leaving room for a serene master suite on the main floor.
  5. Accessibility
    A bungalow offers spacious one-level living to seniors or others with limited mobility. Empty nesters often gravitate to the bungalow when downsizing so they don’t face a further move later on when stairs pose a challenge.

I’ll be sharing more on specifics in upcoming blogs on how to find a great bungalow or bungalow building lot during Calgary’s spring real estate season. I’ll also have some tips on what to consider during a bungalow renovation or new build. So, stay tuned here or get in touch if you’re interested in making the switch to bungalow living.

To learn more about the latest renovation and custom home design trends, please feel free to reach out any time with your questions. We’re here to help you create the home of your dreams. Please give me a call at 403-390-7708 or shoot me an email. In the meantime, have a look at some of our work over on our website.

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