New Year’s Resolutions

5 January 2019

As the glow of the holiday lights fade, we inevitably take stock of the past year and make plans for the one to come. Fresh in our minds are the successes and failures of the holiday season. This often leads to the dreaded New Year’s resolution.

Waking up January 2 to an enhanced waistline leads to one of the most common New Year’s resolutions – to get fit. Too often people join gyms or create nooks in their homes for working out but fall off the commitment just weeks into the New Year. Why? There are countless studies on this but as someone who has struggled to incorporate fitness into my daily routine, let me tell you what I believe.

Our lives are hectic enough. Adding an early morning trip to the gym in January’s frigid temperatures is not appealing or sustainable. Neither is creeping into a dark corner of a utility room to lift weights or run on a treadmill.

We know that the convenience of working out at home increases the probability that you’ll actually exercise. Home workouts dramatically decrease the time commitment and take away the anxiety of exercising in front of others.

However, as home gyms become more popular, we’re recognizing that the ones that actually get used focus more on the aesthetic of the space rather than simply the function and the inclusion of big scary equipment.

So hold off on investing thousands on equipment. You’re best to spend the bulk of your budget on creating a space you’ll love to visit every day.

Here’s a short list of the things we suggest you think about before building your perfect home gym:

  1. Space
    Dedicate enough space to safely workout. It’s important that you can move easily and feel like you can breathe. Ensure there’s a window that opens for proper ventilation.
  2. Flooring
    Invest in proper gym flooring. This will provide comfort to your feet and legs and offer sound proofing.
  3. Lights
    Ensure the area is well lit and the lighting is adjustable. You’ll want bright lights for strenuous exercise and dim lighting for yoga or meditation.
  4. Colour
    Colour can be mood altering so it’s an important consideration for a space where motivation is key. Know your personal likes and dislikes but also consult the experts for a deeper understanding of colour psychology. This article suggests a variety of colour possibilities for use in your home gym. Read it here.
  5. Recover
    I recommend adding an ensuite or mini-spa to a home gym. Think of a space that offers a deep soaking tub and/or a steam shower. You’re much more likely to fit in that work out if there’s a luxurious reward at the end.

To learn more about the latest renovation and custom home design trends, please feel free to reach out any time with your questions. We’re here to help you create the home of your dreams. Please give me a call at 403-390-7708 or shoot me an email. In the meantime, have a look at some of our work over on our website.

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