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Alec Williams Construction is committed to the safety of our homeowners and our team during these uncertain times. We’re here to help you build and renovate beautiful homes while keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Since COVID-19 interrupted our lives in March, most of our projects were focused on outdoor areas as Calgarians “staycationed” during the summer of 2020. We’re now transitioning to indoor work while adhering to all provincial and federal public health guidelines. Safety precautions – including social distancing, wearing masks and a pre-screening for coronavirus symptoms – are part of our new normal.

We’re doing all that so we can help you maximize your space. We know the pandemic has people rethinking how they use their homes and we are here to help – whether that means adding a home office, renovating living areas or building you the perfect new home.

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Turning dreams into plans

27 November 2016

Young woman holding a mug and reading on her laptop and sitting on couch by the Christmas tree.It’s hard to believe my last blog post was about celebrating summer in November. Summer has definitely faded and we’re left with short days and colder temperatures – reminders that winter is almost upon us.

So as you settle in to the holiday season sipping eggnog and enjoying winter comfort food, I’m hoping you’ll pardon me for jumping ahead to spring for a moment or two.

Isn’t that just like me? Yes, I’m the same guy who told you to think about preparing your house for Christmas back in the spring when no one wanted to be thinking of Christmas.

Given the business I’m in, I’m afraid I’m not great at living in the moment. A good renovation starts with planning and that happens at least six months before we get on our tools. So I’m always thinking ahead.

Let’s start with your wish list.

What is tickling the back of your brain, gnawing away at your good nature? Having your kitchen join you in the 21st Century? Creating the master bedroom sanctuary needed to escape the teenagers taking over your home? Or maybe it’s finally time to build your dream home?

Whatever it is, now’s a great time to create a wish list. Write down your vision and be specific.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself as you start your list:

  • What are your priorities and what do you value most in your home?
  • How will you use the space you are going to reno?
  • What is your end goal? How will a reno make your life better?
  • How many children do you have and how many years do they have left living in your home?
  • Will their needs change?
  • How do you entertain? Recharge?
  • What’s your style? Are you ultra modern or a traditionalist?
  • What colours make you happy?
  • What materials do you like? Wood? Tile? Slate? Stone?
  • Do you like big open boisterous spaces? Or do you prefer smaller more intimate rooms?

There’s so much to think about. And the more clearly you can articulate your wants and needs in the planning phase, the happier you’ll be with the end result.

Proper planning before tackling any project is as important if not more important than the construction process itself. Planning will ensure the final result matches your vision.

So enjoy the process, and take some time to dream about the possibilities. Then head into the renovation process fully prepared.


PS.  This is the first blog in the series ‘Preparing for a Home Renovation’. Over the coming months, I’ll walk you step by step through the preparation and planning process so please check in and follow along. For more information or a no obligation consultation, you can always give me a call at 403.390.7708.

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