Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

23 February 2018

tips for a bathroom renovation - double sink bathroom

While a bathroom is a space for multiple day-to-day activities, it can also be a place for luxuriating relaxation. Whether the changes are big or small, transforming a bathroom into your perfect space can be daunting. Here are some of our tips when considering a bathroom renovation.

Durable Flooring

Whether you go with heated flooring or not, having durable and water-resistant flooring is a must. Well sealed flooring that meets your needs is important, because your bathroom floors take the most day-to-day wear out of all the spaces in your home. Consider tile, marble, or stone for durability.


A bathroom’s lighting needs to be flexible as it’s a room where we take care of business and where we let down our hair. It’s where you get ready for work, where you linger prepping for a night on the town and where you unwind with a glass of wine after a long day. Bad lighting can ruin any space and any mood. We consider all of these issues when discussing a bathroom reno, ensuring adaptable lighting for every situation.   


Who is using the space? Bathrooms can tend to need to be shared, and considering who is sharing the space and what each individual needs can be key in a bathroom renovation. Is it one big open space or do we create rooms within the room.

And let’s not forget windows. Natural light is wonderful but where does that window face, what floor is it on, and will it need to be a frosted-glass panel? Would it be better if the window opened to allow fresh air in?

Considering privacy needs can help you avoid a space that doesn’t work later on.

Bathtub, Shower, or Both?

The age old question. Outside of space restrictions, the most important thing to consider when choosing between the two, or choosing both, is how often do you use either? While you may be renovating with the possibility of selling in the future, build this space for you and what you need. Ask yourself which you use, and how often you use it?

Remember too that in today’s technologically advanced world, your shower options are virtually limitless. Although extras will increase the cost of your renovation, there are numerous styles of fixtures available and all can enhance the experience.

The Placement of Fixtures and Shelving

I can’t tell you how often we get plans and people haven’t thought of the simplest of things. Like, when having a bath do you want your head an inch from the toilet? Or would you like some shelves inset into the shower wall for shampoo and soap? These items, while necessities for any good bathroom experience, are always the last to be considered.

Feel free to reach out at any time with your questions or concerns. We’re here to help you create the bathroom space of your dreams. Give me a call at 403-390-7708 or shoot me an email In the meantime, have a look at some of our work over on the website.


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