2018 Home Building Trends To Consider

9 February 2018

Over dinner the other night, a friend asked me what the hot trends for the new year were. I laughed because trends don’t sneak up on us each January 1st , yet this is one of the most asked questions I get each new year. It’s an important question to answer because I need to assure my clients they won’t be missing out on anything wonderful when working with Alec Williams Construction.

Whether you are building your custom home or renovating an existing space, each year brings with it new and exciting options. When building or renovating, you need to know what these options are and weigh them against the tried and true and what works best for your family.

With that in mind, here are some of the home trends for the coming year.

Colour Your Kitchens
Kitchens are becoming more vibrant in 2018 as Pinterest inspires homeowners to take more risks with the space. While the completely white kitchen will always remain a classic, it is becoming commonplace to add some life through colour, and that doesn’t mean a feature wall painted green. Colour can be added through amazing tiles on the walls or floors, gold faucets, handles and other accents, and some are even choosing to custom colour cabinet faces.

2018 kitchen trends

Calming Bedrooms
Another 2018 trend that’s coming on strong is creating a master bedroom sanctuary. Our lives are busy, and we spend all day catering to bosses, clients, and children. My clients are looking to build big beautiful bedrooms with sitting areas, huge panelled closet spaces and spa-like ensuites as they seek tranquility at the end of a busy day.

The Great Outdoors
In 2017, 63% of home buyers indicated that they wanted to see functional outdoor spaces when purchasing a home. Outside spaces are often underutilized on a property, and there are endless options for a backyard, patio, or even rooftop to enhance enjoyment of the outdoors. When building a home, I urge clients to consider a seamless indoor/outdoor experience in main living spaces. When it comes to other areas like the master suite, we’ll often advise working in even a small private space. A vertical garden and private sitting area can make small spaces intriguing and surprising..

When creating outdoor spaces, we recommend including natural elements. Cobblestone, timber joists or floors, planters, and water features are becoming increasingly popular in outdoor rooms. In addition, there are plenty of options for heating and cooling outdoor
spaces that make them much more flexible regardless of the harsh elements of the seasons.

Millwork, Concrete & Tile
In the past, walls were drywalled and painted, but in 2018 we’re seeing big changes. Millwork, panelling, intricate tile patterns, granite, marble and concrete accents are taking centre stage as popular design elements throughout homes.

More damage-resistant and timeless than wallpaper, these options add composition and form to otherwise blank spaces. Don’t underestimate the use of different textures to increase interest and depth in a room.

Embracing the Smart Home
With devices like Google Home and Echo becoming more and more popular, smart home systems are becoming prominent features. Reduce energy consumption and control much of your heat, light and entertainment from anywhere in your home or while on the road. Enjoy advanced climate control and security systems that connect with your cell phone. There are seemingly infinite options for a technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly home in 2018.

At the end of the day, understanding all of your options and choosing the perfect fit for your family is what’s important. We’ll help you through it and are here to ensure you create the home of your dreams.

Feel free to reach out at any time with your questions or concerns. We’re here to help you create the home of your dreams. Give me a call at 403-390- 7708 or shoot me an email at alec@alecwilliamsconstruction.ca. In the meantime, have a look at some of our

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