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Love the home you're with.

Why renovate?

People fall in love with homes the way they fall in love - just because. They love the creak of 100-year-old floor boards, the cedar beams in their 1960s bungalow, or the art deco touches in their 1930s dream home. But they might not love the tiny out-of-date kitchen, drafty old windows, or the bad 1980s reno they bought with the house.

If you love your home, but are eager to make it perfect for your lifestyle, then a renovation is likely right for you.

Uncovering the beauty of older homes

Modern day facelifts retain the original character

Lifestyle Renovation Near the Nightlife

The homeowner purchased here to enjoy the the shops and restaurants of 17th Ave. The renovation was a custom creation, designed for entertaining and a comfortable lifestyle. It retains the character while adding 21st century luxury.

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Alec and his team performed the renovation of our basement and corrected issues created by the previous contractor during our main floor renovation. They were professional, did what they said they would do, were honest with our budget and finished on time. We will be contacting Alec for our next project.