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Alec Williams Construction is committed to the safety of our homeowners and our team during these uncertain times. We’re here to help you build and renovate beautiful homes while keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

Since COVID-19 interrupted our lives in March, most of our projects were focused on outdoor areas as Calgarians “staycationed” during the summer of 2020. We’re now transitioning to indoor work while adhering to all provincial and federal public health guidelines. Safety precautions – including social distancing, wearing masks and a pre-screening for coronavirus symptoms – are part of our new normal.

We’re doing all that so we can help you maximize your space. We know the pandemic has people rethinking how they use their homes and we are here to help – whether that means adding a home office, renovating living areas or building you the perfect new home.

Read more about how we are helping people prepare and live better through COVID.

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A message from Alec Williams

Learning how to live during the pandemic

As a home renovator and custom homebuilder, my team and I spend considerable time with homeowners and we work inside their homes. It’s important that we acknowledge the complications COVID-19 presents to building and preserving homes and relationships.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we are committed to being responsible community members and working to diligently protect our clients and their communities while still carrying out our project commitments.

It’s more important than ever that we work with clients to renovate and build as the COVID-19 restrictions have impacted the way we all live and many families are seeking to change their living spaces.

As we head into the winter months with many people still working from home, university students studying virtually, and child care in upheaval, I’m receiving many calls to renovate existing homes or to help homeowners purchase and renovate new homes. Even the media has picked up on this important trend. As reported on CBC, home renovation spending is way up this fall as Canadians are more concerned with how they are living than where they are living. "People want more room and more space — home offices with nice backdrops for video conferencing, for example, home gyms, finished basements, backyards pools.... They want their own little hideaway they can hunker down in."

If we can help fix your home or find you a new one during this difficult time, please reach out. I’m here to help.

- Alec Williams

Tips to COVID Proof Your Home

How to make your home work better during the pandemic

Clean out and convert unused spaces

If there ever was a time to get rid of clutter, that time is now. Small spaces can become wonderful sanctuaries during isolation and quarantine. As we head into winter, we know our homes will feel even more confining.

Finish the basement to create teen space

The pandemic is impacting our children, particularly teens. Creating specific spaces for them allows for a sense of independence despite COVID and frees up main spaces for the adults to breathe.

Look for a new home that better meets your needs

Realtors are telling me the Calgary market is heating up as local families seek new and improved spaces. We’re learning how to work, live and connect in different ways and for many that means new homes.

How the coronavirus pandemic is heating up the renovation and real estate markets

Aging in Place

With seniors homes under attack, Calgarians seek ways to age in place.

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Renovate or Relocate?

Canadians look to real estate and renovations to help improve COVID state of mind.

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Lissington Bungalow

A recently built bungalow beauty on a quiet street in North Glenmore Park is a testament to Alec Williams’ personal vision.

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We believe that homeowners have a central role in the homebuilding and buying process, but you don’t have to do it alone. We can help you look for just the right home to renovate or lot to build a brand new home on. We want to be sure to choose wisely and create a home for you that will last more than a lifetime.

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