Homes worthy of celebrating life's beautiful moments

Our homes are where we live, where we love and where we make memories to last more than even our lifetimes. Alec Williams knows how special each home is to each unique family. He and his team will build to perfection, so your home can easily showcase the story of every pillow fight, each Christmas and tradition and all of life's most memorable moments.

Alec Williams

CEO & Founder

Over 25 years ago, Alec Williams set out to create a unique construction business. His goal was to build enduring and beautiful homes for clients. However, he knew that dreams could be shattered by surprise budgets, non-existent communication with clients and shoddy building practices. He wanted to take a different path: one that started with superior communication, service, construction expertise and a commitment to complete transparency.

Over the years, Alec never wavered on these commitments. Instead, he added to his client promise: he took the construction practice beyond the ordinary, making a pledge to build homes that become an oasis, a comforting retreat for family and friends to gather in and enjoy. This pledge underscores the critical need that many homebuilders too often forget: the need to marry form and function, beauty and strength.

Of course, every builder promises a beautiful end result. But Alec works off the premise that beauty must be more than skin deep. It starts with the solid build that ensures corners are square, floors are level and millwork is exacting; it extends to comfortable, well-planned spaces; and in the end the final product is a work of art.

Dean Miles

Dean once asked his uncle, “If you weren’t a plumber what trade would you do?” His uncle said ‘electrician’ and that was the spark that led Dean into the construction industry.

Dean has worked with Alec Williams for many years and taken on many leadership roles. He has a grasp of building codes and knows how to make sure the construction process turns a client’s vision into the perfect final product.

Dean enjoys working closely with the clients and seeing their faces when their finished home is presented.

Outside of work, Dean enjoys time with friends. On weekends, you can find him camping or watching rugby.

Kris Joseph

Kris is an outgoing leader and is committed to productivity and problem solving.

He enjoys working with the knowledgeable, hardworking, and fun AWC team. With a deep set of industry skills, Kris is the go-to for his team and clients. Always remaining calm when curveballs are thrown, he works to find the best solutions.

When not working Kris can be found outdoors with his family. On weekends he spends his time watching his kids play sports and relaxing. Holding on to his childhood dream of wanting to be a World Cup Ski Racer, Kris enjoys hitting the ski hill, especially the runs at Lake Louise.

Paul Stanley

With a carpenter father, Paul grew up appreciating the home construction business. He learned firsthand the qualities of patience and understanding that are needed to succeed when working with clients.

A self confessed perfectionist, Paul uses this trait to his advantage ensuring every client's home is perfectly beautiful and functional.

Paul is a hardworking and multi-talented AWC team member. He is always lending a hand and passing on knowledge.

The outdoors is Paul’s happy place when not at work. With a large family, his weekends can be unpredictable at times, but he’ll jump at an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature.

The Alec Williams Commitment

What to expect when working with us

As we work with you to create your dream home, we know you’re trusting us with your vision and your hard-earned money. We recognize this and we will honour your trust through open communication, upfront budgeting and on-point schedules.

We believe in process. Ensuring rigorous discipline and getting the job done right is a bold pledge we make to each client. The following lays out what to expect when working with us.

Remember we are never far away to deal with any questions or concerns that you may have.

From our first meeting through final walkthrough

  • We strive to provide ongoing, informative and transparent communication
  • We will always provide our best advice based on our many years of experience and your needs
  • Courteous, considerate behavior is always expected from staff and sub-trades
• A clean, safe and well-organized construction site is maintained all day, every day

Pre-planning and preparation

  • With the help of our trusted design partners and preferred suppliers we will walk you through the shopping process and the many decisions that need to be made to ensure that you receive the finished product that you desire
  • We ensure that all required components are pre-ordered to avoid delays

Schedule and budget updates

  • We will provide you with a detailed project process breakdown and timeline prior to starting the project and update the information and timeline for you as required
  • On-site daily supervision keeps the project moving forward on time and on budget and unforeseen problems will be addressed immediately
  • We will provide you with real-time communication regarding any issues that arise and any major shifts in costs and timing, should they occur

Move in process

  • At the completion of the project we will turn over a clean and complete home for your enjoyment
  • We will provide you with a project manual with all warranty information, and a schedule for paint and finishes
  • We walk through the operation and maintenance schedule for all equipment and components

The finishing touches

  • The final set of installs and finishing touches will be completed in a timely manner once you are settled in
  • A three-month, six-month and one-year walk through will be performed to review all components of your home project and ensure that everything is working as it was designed.